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Each water treatment work is a particular case demanding a perfect knowledge of all available technologies for each of following cases :

  • Industrial Process Water

Water is tapped from public distribution system, from ground water (well) or from river. Multiple treatments are needed to fit it with the industrial uses for which it was tapped: production, washing, boiler feed water, cooling,

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  • Industrial Waste Water

Water used by an industrial process, needs sometimes to be evacuated in a public sewer system or surface water (lake, river, ). Polluting substances must be separated or degraded before discharge outside, to respect local laws.

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  • Drinking Water

All treatment methods to produce drinking water from surface water (lakes, rivers, sea, ) or from wells.

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  • Municipal Waste Water

Waste water from houses, buildings, commercial activities, artisans, have to be discharge in principle in the municipal sewer system. Waste water treatment before discharge from sewer system, must be taken in charge by the local authorities. In priority discharge point of the treated water is surface water (lake, river, ).

When the distance between a building and the public sewer system is to great, public authorities may impose a private water treatment work, in charge of the inhabitant, merchant or artisan. In priority discharge point of the treated water is surface water (lake, river, ).

The activity is this domain is mainly treated by HYDRO-ENGINEERING s.a.

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  • Miscellaneous equipments

On this page some equipments commonly used in water treatments plants (drink water, process water, waste water) are detailed.


Miscellaneous equipments (photos)




All realizations are engineered and calculated, case by case, by ours engineers and drawings are made in our own company.