Engineering and Services Society in Water Treatment.

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HYDRO-ENGINEERING s.a. is a Engineering Company with a large experience in all water treatments.

You are looking for a company:

    • His experience as engineering company for :
      • For making the guidelines and guiding drawings to ask other companies to make an offer.
      • To find out the best treatment processes so to meet several impositions as: yield to obtain, available site, environment, degree of automation, instrumentation, budget, …
      • For technical and commercial offer analysis, to place the orders
      • Erection and installation supervision (concrete basins, tanks, equipment, pipes, electrical and hydraulic connections, …).
      • ...
    • Specifically training’s related to water management (quality, treatments, recycling, savings, legislation, …).
    • Environmental expert in water management and treatment.

Call us, we have always a solution to propose.

If you wish to limit your own engineering and interventions :

    • we can take in charge all but erection and installation : guidelines, guiding drawings, asking for offers, analysis of techniques and prices, control of orders, control of erection and installation, following of start-up, control of performance, …
    • we can take all in charge, including erection and installation. You entrust us then with the mission of an General Contractor. Click on "HYDRO-TECHNOLOGY" at the top of this text and you will find a complete information on our sister company. All techniques we offer will then be proposed "all inclusive" by HYDRO-TECHNOLOGY s.a.


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