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On this page some equipments commonly used in water treatment plants
(drink water, process water, waste water) are detailed

  • Polymer preparation and dosing unit  (from dry powder and / off emulsion)
    • Dosing capacity : from 200 l/h to 10.000 l/h
    • Concentration of the end product : adjustable between 0,1 and 0,7%
    • With or without post dilution
    • Batch preparation of polymer, automatically started by low level detection in storage compartment of the end product


  • Lime preparation and dosing unit (silo of dry powder)
    • Storage volume of powder : 30 m³

  • Drip table for sludge thickening


  • Press filter for sludge thickening

  • Centrifuge for sludge thickening


  • Chemical dosing  units for water neutralisation (acid / alkali)

  • Dosing units  :
    • of nutriments (nitrogen, phosphorus...) for biological waste water treatments
    • of chemicals (FeCl3, NaOCl, KMnO4...)


  • Storage of chemicals

  • Completely premounted unit with filter membranes (ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis...) and accessories (high pressure pumps, cartridge filter...).

  • Pressurisation vessel for a dissolved air flotation.
    • Size : according inlet flow on the flotation unit
    • Make : stainless steel


  • Sand filtration with automatic backwash  for low flow secondary water supply (less than 5 m³/h)



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