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Drinking Water

Figures of realizations


Two constructions for the production of drinking water
Transport by plane
Detail of one unit

Units of drinking water production

  Capacity of one unit : 20 m³/h
  Each unit is placed on a special construction. This configuration is used to transport them by plane.
  Process used :
  Sand filtration
  Settling on HYDROPAC
3 HYDROFLOT with sludge

Removal of organic substances

  Coagulation - (R.A.P.D.)
  Flocculation - two reactors in parallel (R.A.P.T.)
  Flottation - three HYDROFLOT's in parallel (see figures on the left)


Filtration on sand and carbon - 300 m³/h


Filtration to obtain drinking water

  4 sand filters in parallel
  4 activated carbon filters in parallel
  Continous production of 300 m³/h of drinking water