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Water treatment Engineering and Technologies

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A specific apparatus is associated to each treatment.

Secondary flows management

  • Service water production

  • Sludge treatment

    • Thickening

      • by settling

      • by flotation

        • direct pressurisation

          HYDROFLOT Ed

        • indirect pressurisation

          HYDROFLOT Ei

      • on mechanical cloth filter

      • with or without chemical conditioning

    • Dewatering

      • Filter press

      • Rotary pressure filter

      • centrifuge

      • drying bed

      • drying pond

    • Storage before disposal (dewatered sludge storage tank)

    • Lime conditioning (sludge stabilisation and drying)

    • Disposal of dewatered sludge (containers, trucks, )

  • Reuse of filter back wash water

  • Reagent dosing units (solids, liquids, gases)

  • Compressed air production

  • Treatment of the gases of the biological anaerobic treatments

    • Gas burner

    • Gas holder

    • Gas washer

    • Energy recuperation (heat, electricity)

  • Deodorisation of the gases of the biological anaerobic treatments

    • By biological process

    • By chemical process (wash towers)

    • By activated carbon


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